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Pivotbuoy is a €4M awarded project by European Commission H2020 Program. Its main objective is to reduce the current the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) of floating wind by 50% through the validation of the “PivotBuoy”, an innovative system that aims to reduce the costs of mooring systems and floating platforms, allows faster and cheaper installation and a more reliable and sustainable operation.

The PivotBuoy concept, developed by X1 WIND, has been model tested in the lab, first at 1:64 scale and then at 1:50 scale at ECN Hydrodynamic and Ocean Engineering Tank under the Marinet2 project grant. The project proposes validating the concept at PLOCAN’s test site in Grand canary waters, integrating a part-scale prototype of the PivotBuoy single point mooring system in a downwind turbine floating platform arrangement. By testing in a real life environment, the project will also validate critical innovations related to assembly, installation and O&M techniques.

The impact of the proposed innovations may become sector wide: the system can be integrated not only in floating wind platforms using single point moorings systems but also in other sectors such as wave energy and tidal industries. The project consortium, combining experienced industrial partners from the oil&gas, naval and offshore wind sectors with cutting-edge R&D centres, will also bring additional innovations in components, materials and installation and O&M techniques, advancing the state-of-the-art of the floating wind sector.



The project will develop and validate the PivotBuoy®, a novel system developed by X1 WIND.


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Here you can download PIVOTBUOY public deliverables and other documents related to the project.


The project will develop and validate the PivotBuoy®, a novel system developed by X1 WIND integrating the mooring and anchoring system and the electric cable in a single point (single point mooring – SPM), allowing faster connection of floating platforms.

By using a single point mooring (SPM), the PivotBuoy system allows floating platforms to align itself passively with the wind (as shown in this illustrative video ), eliminating the need for an active yaw actuator and any active ballast systems, reducing weight and the maintenance requirements in those systems. Moreover, one of the key innovations of the PivotBuoy is the combination of the advantages of SPM with a tension-leg mooring, enabling further weight reduction compared to systems using catenary moorings which require large weight or ballast to guarantee the platform stability.


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